Leadership is behavior

Leadership is behavior

Leadership is behavior

And a profession. For some, a religion.

And a profession. For some, a religion.

And a profession. For some, a religion.

Leaders on a boat
Leaders on a boat
Leaders on a boat

But is it something elevated? Something mystical? Something only the privileged few master the art of? Something one either has or doesn't have?

I believe not.

I want to dispel the mystique.

I want to dispel the elevation.

Leadership qualities can be trained and must be developed.

Some have a simpler starting point. Some are the natural leadership talents we spot with the naked eye. Others must work harder to find their form.

I want us to become skilled at finding that form. That's one of the reasons why we organized our first gathering in the Stacc leadership network yesterday.

Everyone who practices leadership in their role was included, even those without personnel responsibility. Why?

Because leadership is behavior. Regardless of the role.

Our collective behavior constitutes the sum of leadership at Stacc. Yikes!

And we, as a leadership corps, are responsible for creating the culture we want. Double yikes!

It's enough to be terrified of and to be delighted about. It comes with tremendous responsibility and incredible opportunities for influence.

As leaders with and without personnel responsibility, we must define what good leadership looks like.

With us.

We must make it easy to do the right thing.

We must invest in getting to know. The profession, the person, and the role, across teams, locations, and borders.

The second reason for yesterday is that our people deserve better.

Our people deserve more. They deserve leaders who have time for follow-up and development. Simple math, therefore, suggests that we must increase our numbers.

Over the past year, we have increased the number of leaders as we grow. It requires the right preparation. We must equip them for the task.

Exactly 24 hours ago, I stood relieved after the opening of our first session.

Out the window, I saw this group and had to smile. What a representation of what we want to achieve.

We are in the same boat.

9 June 2023