Stacc and Innovation Norway enter into agreement

The goal with the new solution from Stacc is to ensure both a better and more flexible customer experience and a better working day for everyone involved in the financing area in Innovation Norway. Stacc shows that we have forward-looking, competent, and innovative financial technology environments in Norway that can compete against the best and largest in the world in this area.

Leon Bakkebø, Director of Financing and Banking at Innovation Norway.

We are incredibly happy to enter into this agreement and look forward to a strategic and long-term collaboration with Innovation Norway. Over several years, Stacc has built a solid foothold in the banking and finance industry with deliveries to both large and smaller players in the Nordics. It is gratifying to experience that in recent years we have strengthened our position as supplier to several industries with complex needs, such as insurance and public sector

Geir Nordrik, CEO at Stacc.