Stacc's ambition is to be a modern alternative for Swedish banks and financing companies looking to digitalize and streamline their credit processes, also alongside with existing IT solutions. StoEr's expertise in mortgages combined with Stacc's product portfolio, will allow us to develop and deliver solutions that address the needs of the Swedish banking market.

Geir Nordrik, CEO of Stacc

This is incredibly exciting. The Swedish financial industry needs a strong player capable of delivering modern software solutions for an increasingly complex technology landscape. We were impressed with Stacc's approach and flexible product range early on, and are pleased to contribute with our local expertise. Together, we will be in a unique position to have a significant impact on the Swedish market.

Jonathan Olsson, team lead for the StoEr team.

StoEr has played a crucial role in establishing Söderberg & Partners in the mortgage market. With Stacc as owner, StoEr can truly leverage its capacity and potential in all areas. We also have the pleasure of maintaining our relationship with the StoEr team through our new collaboration on the distribution of the distribution solution that we have developed together.

Gustaf Rentzhog, CEO of Söderberg & Partners

Based on our experience speaking with both large and small banks in the Nordic region, we believe there is still significant potential to automate and streamline today's credit processes, including mortgage loans. We aim to be a collaborative partner for our customers in their ongoing digitalization journey, and our ambition is to help banks reduce complexity in their current IT systems and processes. We still see a significant need for a player like Stacc in the Nordic market.

Geir Nordrik, CEO of Stacc