What we do

Digital mortgage solution

Here's what makes our solution stand out:

  • User experience

    Digital and compliant application, onboarding, and credit processes with customizable look & feel.

  • MyPage

    Overview and self-service for the end-user.

  • Ready-made integrations

    Plug and play service catalogue for 3rd party service providers. Flexible options to change the sequence of steps in the process flow or replace a third-party integration with another.

  • Flexible and configurable

    Flexible rules that govern the degree of automation and score loan applications according to the "traffic light" principle: green (automatic approval), yellow (requires manual processing), or red (automatic rejection). Build your own products: Self-service configuration of product setups, interest rates and fees, letter templates, push notifications, and decision/scoring rules. Component-based, end-to-end, or "bring your own core system

  • Credit process and case handling

    Process automation platform that orchestrates the processes, allowing visual monitoring of the process. Case handler solution that automatically assigns cases that requires manual processing. Integrated solution for financial analysis, calculation of loan-serviceability, and advisory services. Support for credit memos, four-eye control, and credit committee. Automated push notifications, digital documents, e-signatures and electronic registration of pledge (eTinglysning).

  • Loan administration

    Core solution for lifecycle management of loans from disbursement to fully repayment, with built-in collateral and accounting.

  • Compliance built in

    All relevant compliance requirements built in. Documentation and traceability of the complete credit process. Full audit trail.