Retail deposits

Complete deposit solution for retail customers.


Retail deposits

Complete deposit solution for retail customers.


Retail deposits

Complete deposit solution for retail customers.


Retail deposits

Complete deposit solution for retail customers.

With Deposits from Stacc you can tailor various products based on a wide selection of features, interest types, fees, calculation methods, capitalization frequencies and withdrawal restrictions to suit your retail customers.

Full lifecycle management

Deposits supports full lifecycle management for both standard and fixed terms deposits accounts.

Product characteristics can be handled at the account level, allowing you to respond to new market conditions or to attract new customers, without altering existing customers or working with advanced customer segmentation. 

3rd party deposits support

Integrate with 3rd party providers of deposit accounts.

Stacc Core could also be integrated with 3rd party providers of deposit accounts in the European market, such as Raisin. This will enable the bank to establish a dedicated channel for EURO-based funding. Such a setup of the 3rd party will then handle the customer onboarding, KYC, and AML, while Stacc Core will create and maintain the actual deposit account.

Automated onboarding process

Deposits supports a fully automated onboarding process.

The solution includes a CustomerWeb with a process flow for filling out the application, communication with the customer during the application process and which will give established customers insight into their customer engagement with the bank. CustomerWeb includes an ApplicationWeb and a simple MyPage, which are described in more detail below.


Establishment of deposit accounts for retail customers is started via an ApplicationWeb, which can be integrated with your existing web sites.

Applications and onboarding are processed automatically by lookups against third parties for obtaining information about credit scoring and screening of PEP and sanctions lists. During the process, the customer must answer standardized questions in accordance with the bank's mandatory Know Your Customer process.

It's possible to use a function for enhanced customer control as extra security before a final decision on establishing a customer relationship is made. This requires a "four-eye" control before the application is processed further. You can choose to use enhanced customer control on all applications based on data obtained from third parties or based of answers to questions from the customer during the process.

If establishment of the new customer relationships and deposit account are approved, the account number is automatically reserved, correct documents are produced and sent as part of the digital signing order to be signed with BankID. After completion of the signing, a deposit account is created, a welcome letter is sent out and the customer is sent to My Pages. The account will be opened online and can be used immediately. All enquiries, updates, and capitalisation of transactions will be updated real-time.

People who are rejected for the establishment of customer relationships and deposit accounts receive this directly in ApplicationWeb or by email.


The customer logs in using BankID and gets access to the following functionality:


Overview over the account with details such as balance and interest rate.


List of all credit and debit transactions.


Agreement documents.

Lifecycle handling of accounts

From account opening, the core solution will handle:

The complete lifecycle of the account

Credit and debit transactions

Calculation and bookkeeping of interest and withdraw fees

The generation of account statements

Report generation (like The Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund), as well as tax reporting

Automated GDPR

The core solution will also facilitate for self-service via APIs against MyPages based on an API first strategy.  

significant benefits

Here's what makes our solution stand out


Onboarding process with KYC, AML and PEP compliance built in.


Automated account opening.


Calculation and capitalization of interests and fees.

Controlled deposits

Fixed term deposits including withdrawal restrictions.


Running transaction monitoring in accordance with AML regulations.

Lifecycle handling

Complete lifecycle handling of deposit accounts.


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