Import and interpretation of FX deals

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Escali Financials tip: Calculation of taxes in Escali Financals

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Entering compounded SOFR loans in Escali Financials

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New customer: Jansson og Larsen Regnskap

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New feature: Quotes on Norwegian Government bonds

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Re-distribution of Term SOFR

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New feature: Export of attachments to Power Office Go

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Escali Financials: Updated APIยดs

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Stacc expands mortgage loan initiative to Sweden

Stacc acquires StoEr

Spreadsheets and gut feeling

Newsletter 128
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Alternative costs of business features

Newsletter 127
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Solving the Business Process Puzzle in Fintech

Newsletter 126
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What is your AI strategy?

Newsletter 125
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The costly journey of Vipps mobile subscription service

Newsletter 124
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Norwegian fintech is struggling financially

Newsletter 123
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Is a super app actually super?

Newsletter 122
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Twitter's potential as a Fintech app

Newsletter 121
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What is Holding Back Disruption in the Norwegian Fintech Market?

Newsletter 120
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The value of showing your product

Newsletter 119
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Stacc enters the Swedish market

Read about Stacc & The Farm

Creating fintech-products that stick

Newsletter 118
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Tighten lending regulations or not?

Newsletter 117
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Indistinguishable from Magic

Newsletter 116
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Norway's first stablecoin backed by real estate?

Newsletter 115
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Digitisation of society - a public health problem?

Newsletter 114
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Girlpower workshop

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๐Ÿ™Œ In praise of the Norwegian infrastructure

Newsletter 113
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Swedish potential for Stacc

Kristina and Stacc in Sweden

Rent to own?

Newsletter 112
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Is ESG-ratings broken?

Newsletter 111
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Prohibition of return commisions?

Newsletter 110
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โœ‹ No more benefits on your credit cards!

Newsletter 109
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Layoffs all around

Newsletter 108
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Apple Pay - but later

Newsletter 107
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EU forces Apple

Newsletter 106
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Avida's platform change

Read about Avida'a platform change

A tough week for Lunar and Klarna

Newsletter 105
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Status and trends for Norwegian Fintechs

Newsletter 104
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A credit check solution where ID-theft is impossible?

Newsletter 103
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๐ŸฅŠ The battle of accounting and banking continues

Newsletter 102
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The mortgage dilemma ๐Ÿ 

Newsletter 101
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Unpredictability from the Financial Supervisory Authority

Newsletter 100
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To the moon for Lunar?

Newsletter 99
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Nordnet's brilliant move

Newsletter 98
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๐Ÿ›‘ The end of the road for Sbanken

Newsletter 97
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The Nordic Fintech Playbook

Newsletter 96
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Why life can't be simpler

Newsletter 95
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Financial warfare

Newsletter 94
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Meet Sebastian Tveita

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GDPR banning essential parts of the web

Newsletter 93
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Biometric BankID incoming

Newsletter 92
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Meet Rein Undheim

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Stacc X - Year in review 2021

Read year in review from Stacc X

What if KYC was stored in an identity hub?

Newsletter 91
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Meet Kjetil Pedersen

Hello Kjetil

Jetpacks, Digipost and the death of Google Analytics

Newsletter 90
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Meet Stine Weber

Hello Stine

Sick of working from home?

Newsletter 89
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๐Ÿ”ฎ What technologies will we see in the future?

Newsletter 88
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Loan chaos for DNB

Newsletter 87
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The real reason why few have moved their pension

Newsletter 86
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๐Ÿ’ฅ Call for regulations

Newsletter 85
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The Sbanken soap opera continues ๐Ÿงผ

Newsletter 84
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From PSD2 to request to pay?

Newsletter 83
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Sbanken ๐Ÿ’” DNB

Newsletter 82
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The intersection of spreadsheets and design

Newsletter 81
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What is Fintech 3.0?

Newsletter 80
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Why was Paypal eying Pinterest?

Newsletter 79
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BNPL in your browser

Newsletter 78
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Designing for users and developers

Newsletter 77
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How to make great products

Newsletter 76
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The rise of the super app

Newsletter 75
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It's getting easier to switch banks!

Newsletter 74
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Quesnay joins the Stacc group

Read about Stacc and Quesnay

How BNPL threatens Visa and Mastercard

Newsletter 73
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๐Ÿคณ Disappointing QR-codes

Newsletter 72
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๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ Why are economists so stupid?

Newsletter 71
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NFT - bragging rights on the blockchain

Newsletter 70
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The importance of friction

Newsletter 69
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The summer of Buy Now Pay Later

Newsletter 68
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Go forth and waste time

Newsletter 67
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AML โ€“ the world's most in-effective policy?

Newsletter 66
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Norway โ€“ the perfect test market for fintechs?

Newsletter 65
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FOMO no more

Newsletter 64
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The cloud is just someone else's computer

Newsletter 63
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Everyone is disrupting the payments market

Newsletter 62
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Your own neobank

Newsletter 61
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Innovation Norway

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Fintechs are moving into your browser

Newsletter 60
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Is refinancing too crowded?

Newsletter 59
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Best rated banking app in Norway?

Newsletter 58
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How to know if you are a tech- or financial company

Newsletter 57
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The reason DNB acquired Sbanken

Newsletter 56
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Stacc acquires Escali

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Avida chooses Stacc

More about Stacc and Avida

Unusual strategies for extraordinary results

Newsletter 55
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Best mobile bank in Norway?

Newsletter 54
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A week full of surprises

Newsletter 53
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PSD2 sanctions coming soon?

Newsletter 52
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Excel never dies

Newsletter 51
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Low tech hacking

Newsletter 50
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PSD2 rescue from EU?

Newsletter 49
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