Transparency Act

At Stacc, we strive to make sure that our company does not come at the expense of people and the environment, both in our own country and in other parts of the world. As part of our business strategy, we focus on sustainability and human rights in our own business operations and in our supply chains.

The work to adapt to new regulatory requirements has been initiated at group level and in various professional environments that are responsible for processes that are directly affected by new obligations. We set requirements to our suppliers and their subcontractors in relation to human rights, working conditions, environmental management, ethical business and reporting.

Stacc carries out regular due diligence assessments for its own business and value chain in line with OECD guidelines, and according to the following working method:

  • Map and assess negative impact/damage from own business, supply chain and business partners

  • Follow up suppliers and actively work to stop, prevent and reduce negative impact/damage

  • Monitor implementation and results

  • Communicate how impact is handled

  • Contribute to recovery where required

Download Stacc's due diligence report on sustainable business practices

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