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We create financial technology that simplifies innovation and improves business performance.

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Stacc was founded in 2016, with a clear vision to serve the banking and finance industry with next generation of financial software.

From 10 to 250+ employees
The journey started with a core solution for administration of loans and credits, and since the inception Stacc has established and acquired several companies.

Stacc Flow and Stacc X were established in 2017, respectively to develop a future-proof platform for process modeling and orchestration and to establish an environment to deliver first class user experience and frontend solutions. In the same year, Stacc Insight, specialised in financial analysis and advisory solutions, was acquired, bringing new professional solutions and more than 100 customers to the table.

In 2021, Stacc made two further acquisitions: first Stacc Escali, a company providing treasury and portfolio management solutions and later Stacc Quesnay, a company specialised in KYC and AML solutions. With these acquisitions, Stacc's Oslo office was established, currently counting approximately 50 employees.

Stacc goes Nordic
In 2022, Stacc entered the Swedish market by acquiring The Farm Interactive AB, which represented the first step in gaining greater market access in the Nordics. At the same time, Stacc also opened a new office in Stockholm, Stacc Sweden AB.

This was shortly followed by the acquisition of Stoer Technologies AB, with the main objective of increasing delivery capacity in Sweden. In 2023, Stacc continued the Nordic growth journey and announced the acquisition of Stacc Bytelab A/S in Danmark.

Nordic reach, global ambitions
Today, Stacc is a Nordic software company with 250+ employees and more than 30 years of experience delivering financial software and services. Stacc serves more than 280 customers within the banking and finance industry, insurance, pension funds, investment companies and the public sector in the Nordic region. Since 2016, Stacc has more than twenty folded our turnover and has great ambitions for further growth, both in the Nordic region and internationally.

Our mission is to create building blocks to enable innovation, digital transformation, and growth. “Speed, precision, and knowledge” are our guiding stars. "We move finance forward" is our promise.