asset finance

Car loans

The fastest car loan engine on the road.

asset finance

Car loans

The fastest car loan engine on the road.

asset finance

Car loans

The fastest car loan engine on the road

asset finance

Car loans

The fastest car loan engine on the road.

With Car loans from Stacc you can build several products to support different customer needs for financing of cars.

A rich selection of loan types, repayment methods, interest types, fees, calculation methods and capitalization frequencies make it easy to create various lending products to suit different customer segments and purposes.

Product details can be handled at the account level, allowing you to respond to new market conditions or to attract new customers, without altering existing customers or working with advanced customer segmentation.

Car loans supported

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Unsecured loans

Annuity loans

Serial loans

Fixed price loans

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One of the world's biggest finance industries

From production to the end of life, a car is normally financed many times over, and although green thinking is on everyone's lips, the production of new cars is all time high due to changes in fuel and car types as well as constantly new technology.

The automotive revenues will significantly increase. However, there will be a shift in revenues from up-front to recurring business due to a shift from personal owned vehicles to lease and mobility solutions, delivered as a service.

In recent years, the car has developed into an increasingly large ecosystem for cross-selling other services in everything from insurance, roadside assistance, tyre hotels, car washes, petrol cards and petrol stations, a place where people can pick up pre-ordered groceries on the way home from work.

The demand for great customer experiences also requires that the new normal will be omnichannel, personal and fun. Consumer trends are also affecting the auto finance industry, such as:


Green thinking

Private leasing

Car sharing

Mobility as a service


Interests, fees and commission

Application process built in

Integration with content-based loan application

Scoring and KYC/AML built in


Integration with debt registers

Life-cycle handling

Co-debtors, guarantors/collateral provider

Payment methods

3rd party plugins, e.g. insurance

Reporting services

Digital customer statements & archive

Administration of loan accounts and roles

Fully integrated ERP system


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