Accept the rules or die

Accept the rules or die

Accept the rules or die

As a recruiter in the IT industry, I am, by definition, condemned to death.

As a recruiter in the IT industry, I am, by definition, condemned to death.

As a recruiter in the IT industry, I am, by definition, condemned to death.

Red card
Red card
Red card

Everyone is fighting over the same few developers, and everyone boasts that they are the coolest place in town.

We are no exception.

"You know you want to work for us."

We fidget in our chairs and scratch our heads. How can we say it better than the others?

Industry colleagues recognize that candidates these days often quit before they even start. New colleagues are poached by competitors after just a week of employment, and fresh developers expect compensation levels that induce mild rashes.

It's complete chaos. And we will lose if we don't belittle ourselves.

So, we do it.

We sweet-talk, entice, and deceive. We throw compensation and benefits around like drunken sailors.

Everyone else does it. So, we do it too.

Belittle yourself or die. Or, create an environment.

Environment = belonging

Belonging = well-being

Well-being = loyalty

I believe it's that simple, and I know it's so difficult. Because an environment cannot be bought. Or ordered. Much less commanded.

An environment must be created. It must be nurtured and cultivated. It requires a lot of work. Every day.

At Stacc, it's the environment we sell. It's what we gain the most from in a crazy job market.

But. It doesn't just happen on its own.

We struggle on.

The moment the signature is on the paper, we go wild with excitement. Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

The transition from candidate to employee triggers a wave of warmth. Our new colleague should be welcomed into the fold. ASAP.

There are invitations to parties and professional gatherings.

There are meet & greets, merchandise, and food.

It's a coziness extravaganza. And it's absolutely crucial.

For next year's new graduates starting in August, it means they're already traveling with us to the Christmas party and festivities in Stockholm. Some of them are getting dressed up for the Halloween party as we speak.

Onboarding can't start soon enough. The new family members must be immersed in the environment. Because the environment is the superglue of the workplace.

It's the stickiest thing we can find. It beats everything.

Once the new colleagues are on board, I have one goal in mind. They should have the best possible experience of being with us. Their entire employee journey.

Challenging? Indeed. Impossible? Nope.

At least not with the right people around.

From the first contact until our employees walk out the door on their way to new jobs (hopefully years later), they should be treated properly. Really properly.

They should feel at home. They should feel important. Because they are important.

They are the most important.

And when the day comes and they want to move on, we should be kind, no matter how much we may dislike it. We should say thank you for being a part of the team and wish them luck. And we should mean it.

That's the only way to avoid recruitment death. You just have to belittle yourself.

30 September 2022